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View from A4 roundabout under railway bridge

Next Talk is on 25th March 2024 - Bathford Parish Hall at 8:00pm.
"Ecological surveys around Bathford" presented by Felicity Husband. - Last year, the Bathford Society programme included a talk on the maintenance of the 1840s Bathford Bridge which is rated as Grade II. Part of the Network Rail request for planning permission included an ecological survey of the area up to 1 Km from the bridge. This aroused considerable interest and we circulated part of it to the membership. As a result of the interest shown we invited the company, Ecus, that had undertaken the survey to tell us how they physically undertook the survey and over what period they managed to identify 60 or so birds, as well as noting otters and other animals and giving an extensive list of plants. In this talk, Felicity, Ecus Associate Director, will talk about the methodology and effort that are part of a major survey of this kind, and will show us photographs of the more interesting species. Before the talk, members will be sent this link to the original report (also on the Bathford Society website). The talk will still be interesting even if you do not have time to look at the survey in advance!
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